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Gallery 2

Paintings of other paintings, mostly commissioned for "set dressing" .

In some cases fairly accurately ... for obvious reasons, in some, less so ... for various other reasons.

1. Painted for the TV series Mission: Impossible about a museum theft of famous paintings.
Obviously Claude Monet - Wild Poppies - Near Argenteuil.
You might also want to try Claude Monet @
2. Originally commisioned for the Sheraton Hotel Brisbane but rejected as a bit too busy. A simpler version with gold leaf was eventually accepted. Based on a Gustav Klimpt landscape.
3. Another reject but eventually replaced by another "KlimptTree" painting. Painted from a J M W Turner Print.
4. Painted for a television set ..."Paradise Road". Not sure who painted the original but the apple is a set dressers "in joke".
5. Some sort of Fauvist work by the looks. Probably painted for a movie called "Hurricane Smith". A lot of pieces were painted for a mansion set. Most were destroyed or damaged in a "firefight", including a self portrait loaned to the production (which sustained a bullet hit through the eye!!).
6. Raul Julia as "General M Bison Crossing the Alps" painted for the movie Street Fighter (1994)
7. "Dolphin Cove" again. An early Fred Williams gouache. Sits on a wall in a kitchenette in my house.
8. "Dolphin Cove". It was a big house ... I had to do a lot of "Australian" paintings. The "real one" hangs in the Art Gallery of NSW.
9. "Dolphin Cove". Fred Williams again ...
10. "Dolphin Cove". ... and again.

Apologies to artists for whom I have not given credit ... it was a long time ago and most of the paintings were chosen for me by Production Designers ... blame them ... I was only following orders!
If you recognize any, you can email me and tell me off ... or if you are feeling particularly sympathetic ... provide some details so I can update the site.